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About CanNKC

Natural killer (NK) cells hold fundamental roles in the body's response to cancer, infection, autoimmunity, allergy and pregnancy. Given the significant and wide-ranging function of NK cells, gaining a deeper understanding of their basic immunological functions provides us with a larger body of material to translate to therapeutic approaches in combating disease. Recently in the NK cell biology field, there has been a overwhelming increase in our basic understanding of NK cell functioning. The use of NK cell-based immunotherapies to enhance the medical treatment of disease is very promising. Despite this promise, a significant amount of work remains to be done before these therapies are at a point where they can be used as a prevalent form of treatment.

"gaining a deeper understanding of NK cell basic immunological functions provides us with a larger body of material to translate to therapeutic approaches in combating disease"

The Canadian Natural Killer Cell Consortium (CanNKC) work towards taking full advantage of the therapeutic potential of NK cells and aims to help foster and advance research in this field. Through connecting Canadian institutions with groups dedicated to NK cell research, we can create opportunities for collaboration and the exchange of ideas to help further the progression of NK cell research. By sharing knowledge such as protocols, techniques, and mouse models, investigators and trainees interested in the utility of NK cells can benefit. Our intention for this website is to act as an online educational and collaborative avenue for NK cell research.

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