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Dr. Anthony Jevnikar

Research Interests

Dr. Athony Jevnikar and Dr. Zhuxu Zhang are collaborators in their research. Our research interest is focused on the mechanisms of immune regulation and tolerance. We have previously found that NK cells can target tubular epithelial cells and mediate kidney ischemic reperfusion injury. Furthermore, we have found for the first time that NK cells have a critical role in mediating long-term kidney and heart allograft injury.


Our recent study focuses on if NK cells’ activating and inhibitory functions can be differentially regulated by the interactions of NKR-P1:Clr pairs in ischemic reperfusion injury as well as in chronic graft dysfunction post transplantation. Regulating expressions of the NKR-P1:Clr receptor and ligand pairs may prevent organ injury and ultimately chronic transplant rejection. 



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