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Dr. Debora Burshtyn

Research Interests

My lab is focused on the relationship of receptors of diversity of the leukocyte receptor complex in general and the LILR family in particular and human disease. Our main focus is on natural resistance to HCMV post transplant (and hopefully perinatal soon) and the receptor targeted by HCMV's immune-evasion protein that mimics MHC-I. This may be an NK story but maybe not as the receptor is expressed by quite a few cell types. We are dabbling with another family member that binds to myelin inhibitors and still have an interest in how KIR3DL1 signals.

The main thing we offer the network is our experience with primary human NK and the human cell lines we transfect with receptors.  I am also well linked into the CNTRP and on the CHIC steering group - that is Canadian Human Immunophenotyping Consortium.

What I would love is people who are good at reconstituting human into mouse so that we might try some in vivo-like experiments with HCMV (I know, I am a dreamer).


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